Great decor to your interior or a gift to someone special! Enjoy unforgettable moments of creating a masterpiece with your hands, heart and soul! The image printed on natural art canvas, and beadwork adds the volume and sophistication to it. Framing is not included. Use Preciosa beads #10 (11 colors). You could purchase right amount and colors from our Beads Section. You could also choose the option to buy a Set (image + beads we put together for you). Size: 20x20 cm (7,9"x7,9").

Rainy Evening - Abris Art, Ukraine

SKU: AC-051
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  • While working on the painting it is recommended either to use tapestry hoop, or accurately, avoiding wrinkles, to fold the canvas into rolls on both sides of the place, where you are now embroidering. It is recommended to pull the embroidery on a stretcher and varnish it (upon wish) for a complete design. You may use any clear lacquer, either furniture, acrylic or aristic. Covering the painting with a glass is not necessary. Choose passe-partout and framing according to the colour range of your painting. See more information inside your embroidery kit.