Ladies T-shirt with hand made bead embroidery. Feminine and fun. Jersey fabric is composed of two layers: an outer layer of 100% polyester and inner layer is made from 100% cotton (which protects the skin from synthetic fibers). Preciosa beads (8 colors, 40 g total). Performed by Broderikunst Studio. Size: M

15 - UMA, Ukraine

Size: M
    • It is Not your bra size. But please wear a bra when taking this measurement.
    • Stand straight and relax.
    • Keep the tape around your back and bring it across the fullest part of your bust.
    • Look at the numbers you got and compare them with Ladies T-Shirt Size chart (press the button top of Knit & Bead Korner page). 
    • Decide the correct size for your new T-shirt and order it!