Welcome! Embroidery is one of the most popular handcraft in the world. Recently beadwork has become more popular with embroiders. Using this technique, one can easily create very beautiful designs.
Broderikunst Studio is happy to present embroidery kits designed and manufactured by leading producers from all over the world. We present not just kits, we offer a product that will help to express individuality, to emphasize the style and stand out from the crowd.
Broderikunst Studio is located in Norway, and has been happily and proudly selling beads embroidery and cross-stitch supplies online worldwide. 
A wide range of large and small embroidery designs are presented in our store. In addition, you can buy embroidery kits on real art canvas, read articles about embroidery, find instructions for embroidery techniques, and watch our free online embroidery tutorials.
You can also purchase ready-made embroidered works performed by Broderikunst studio, or other nice little things, thus making the original gift for friends, relatives and yourself. 
Handcraft is unique and priceless! Our goal is to provide an unrivaled selection and wonderful service to our customers and to keep you all Happy Hobbying!




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